Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let it snow...

Another snowy day in Delaware.  "M" made it off to school but will be back early, but "E" is home for the day.  And since she's home, I of course hear, "can we do crafts today?"  She's a crafting/arting/crayoning machine!  She's working on her own masterpiece now, but earlier she helped make the Valentine crayons for her class.
Aren't they pretty?  You gotta go to the dollar store and get crayons for this, it's so cool!

Then go to Target and get these cute little ice cube trays (in the dollar spot).  We ripped all the papers off (very, very tedious my friends!), broke them into pieces (very satisfying!), and grouped the pieces according to color in the ice cube trays.  Like so...

Put the trays on a cookie tray and in the oven at 200 degrees for about 25 minutes.  Take them out, let them cool, and pop em out!

Now we just have to bag em and tag em!  I can't believe we're finished those!  I'm usually a procrastinator on this kind of thing. (Okay, on MOST things!)
UPDATE:  Here is the finished product bagged up and with the cards attached:

I downloaded the cute little cards here at the long thread!

Happy crayoning!


  1. I just showed the girls this post and Anna just said, "WOW, she is creative! :) Now both of the girls want to make these for their Valentines at school. So CUTE! ~Kim

  2. Almost makes me wish I had a little one again. Almost! LOL