Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Paint

This weekend was full of soccer, hanging with high school friends, and picking paint colors! 
I love finding new paint colors for our house, we've been a bit slow and haven't painted our dining room, front entry/hall, stairway and upstairs hall, or master bathroom.  We've only been in our house 13 years, so really, give us a break!  Yeah, we're a little slow, but it will be done, soon, by the end of February!  Can I get a WHOO-HOO!  Our painter (he's done 3 other rooms for us) is retiring at the end of this year so we had to get on it!
Here's the dining room now- blah, blah and more blah.

Notice the ugly doors going into the kitchen, those will be gone!  And here is the front hall/stairway:

This is at the top of the stairs, notice the lovely light fixtures both up and downstairs.  Can't wait to update those!
Well those are the sorry, sorry BEFORE photos.  Ugh, looks even worse in photos!  I'll show you the master bathroom photos later.
I think we've nailed down our color choices, here they are:  (these are Benjamin Moore colors)
Dining Room Walls: Silver Chain
Dining Room Trim:  Simply White
Dining Room Ceiling:  White Wisp
Front Hall/Stairway/Upstairs Hall Walls:  Paper White
Trim for above:  Simply White
The only problem is the Dining Room Ceiling color which looked to be a light grey on the chip, but looked an awful lot like a tan when we put the sample on the ceiling-ugh, now what?  My hubby assures me this will change once the walls are grey and the crown molding is white instead of off white!  I'll keep you posted.

What do you think of this back and white chandelier?
Too trendy?  It's only $79 at Lowe's, just sayin!

That's as much as my brain can handle for the day, still need to find light fixtures for the upstairs and downstairs hall as well as the master bath.

Have you seen this incredible blog-young house love?  They have tons of really helpful tips and hints as well as shopping sources for most everything that they've used in their renovations.  Check it out if you need inspiration for your DIY projects.
Stay tuned for the master bath color, a big chalkboard in the kitchen and finally framing/hanging photos!
Goodbye weekend,


  1. Lots of stuff going on here.

    Don't throw away those doors! If anything, sell them. They might be ugly to you, but I'll bet someone would pay good money for them! Shame you don't live in NYC, those would go for a pretty penny, I'm sure! I almost wish I had a spot for them ... they're whimsical. ;-)

    Ok, I have to ask ... why gray? Or are you a neutral color type of person? I would think a dining room would be beautiful in a warm color, like a gold or sepia or burgundy or even a warm shade of green. Gray just seems so cold for a dining room.

  2. I'm sure we won't throw away the doors (ahem, we don't throw away much around here), trying to sell them is a good idea! They really do get in the way, especially the ones that go from the hall to the kitchen, there's a coat closet right there and you have to close the doors to open the coat closet.
    As for the gray, I really don't like reds and our family room (off the kitchen) is a buttery yellow. Our kitchen is green and the the room across from the dining room is a light blue. So I wanted a neutral without being an off white, tan or brown. I think I'm going to try eggplant curtains in the dining room. I'll keep you posted!

  3. Whoops! Sorry I didn't get back here. I tend to forget to check for follow-up comments.

    The eggplant curtains would definitely warm up the gray. Maybe goldenrod ties for the curtains, for just a punch of color?

    I can't wait to see the pics. :-)

  4. The painting is finished and it's sooooo great, especially the dining room where you can see the biggest differences. Not loving the eggplant (okay, maybe they're purple) curtains, too purply. Gonna try something else. Just holding up the new chandelier excites me, so hopefully hubby will be onboard with it! Hope to have all the new lights and switchplates up this weekend and then will post some "after" pics!