Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paper stuff

Today is yet ANOTHER snow/ice day!  What to do, what to do?
After seeing this SMASH video that my friends Kim and Steph, The Scrapper Bees shared, I was inspired to help my girls create a journal of their own.  A trip to the dollar store for the composition books was completed before "The Big Storm."  And I have just a few paper scraps from scrapbooking.  So off we went!

And the finished products-

Then they were off to write in them!  "We found a good writing spot, Mommy!"

Now maybe I won't find tiny scraps of paper with "really important" things written on them all around my house.  They can all be glued in their book!  I'll let you know how that fantasy pans out.

We also used paper (and tons of stickers) to make the Zhu Zhu Pets comfy little houses.  A K-cup box was just the right size.  I covered it with printer paper.

Then M (E made one a while ago) got out their sticker stash and did some decorating.
And the finished products-

The critters nestled all snug in their houses-
Hope you are staying as snug as the Zhu Zhus!


  1. Thanks for the shout out!! I love their books and we need to make Zhu Zhu houses asap! XO, Steph

  2. I love the writing spot. :-) Too cute!