Friday, February 18, 2011

Preschool greatness

Today concluded teacher appreciation week at E's preschool.  Remember the heart and hands garden I told you about?  Here it is!
With this poem hanging above it-

The moms that put it together did such a great job!  I also took some pictures of the dramatic play center in E's room.  This month the center is a hospital.  Every month the entire room changes!  The amount of work that goes into this undertaking must be immense!  But I'm so glad that they do it.  I get just as excited as E about the day after room change!  Here's the hospital-
The waiting room, looks like one of the babies is getting impatient.
The hospital room, with a bed (housekeeping had been there already and stripped the bed for the day), sink, and my favorite, the blood transfusion bag (shredded red paper plays the blood).
The computer corner with computer x-rays, gowns, charts and there's even a walking "cast" boot!
Here's another center from her last year at preschool, at the open house.  E LOVED this one, she's washing a plastic turtle with a nail brush, soap and "real water!"  Santa ended up bringing a turtle and washing accessories that Christmas.
E and M "painting" their nails (colored water) at the same open house-genius!

Here's the pet store dramatic play center from earlier this school year.
More pet store...
and more...
and that's all.  That's a real rabbit (Winston) in the cage!
Looking back, I wish I had taken pictures of every month's theme.

Hope that gave you some inspiration for pretend play at your house!
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Happy Pretending,

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